Choose a piece that would be fun to paint!

- Create dinner ware for the family.  After it is cured properly, it is safe to eat and drink from.

- With our wide variety of bisque, there is something for everyone.

We carry a wide variety of bisque, however, if there is something that you want and it is not on the shelf we can get it for you.

Go to our open paint bar and choose from a wide variety of colors, methods and textures. 

- Use stencils or stamps to create that perfect masterpiece.

- Potts n' Paint offers an open paint bar.  This means you choose what paints you want and get it when you need it.

- We offer a wide variety of paint brushes...suited to your artistic need.

- We offer silk screening as well.  Silk Screening can be described almost like a fine stencil.  It is a great method for creating fine lines and detailed art.  Get creative and create that perfect personalized gift for that special someone.

Once your piece is complete...we fire it.

After you have painted your piece, we will let it dry overnight.  We then use a non-toxic, lead free glaze to seal in the art and make it safe to eat and drink from. Once the glaze has dried, we will put your piece in one of our 3 kilns, where it will be heated to around 1800º for about 8 hours.  

Because we have 3 kilns, we have a rotating schedule which allows us to have your pieces done within 7 days.

Pick up your piece

Once your done, your piece will be dipped in glaze then put in the kiln and heated to around 1800 degrees.  It will be ready for pick up one week from the time you are done.  


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